INTRODUCTION: The Pilates method, developed initially for improve muscular strength,
obtained popularity and new objectives, as flexibility and corporal definition gain. When new
benefits were observed and investigated, the method was applied on the treatment of many
dysfunctions. OBJECTIVE: This study aims to analyze the aspects of the use of Pilates method
on rehabilitation. METHODS: Was realized a systematic review at the basic data of MEDLINE
and LILACS, using as research term the word Pilates. RESULTS: The articles show that the
method can be used on rehabilitation of different populations, including pregnancy women and
old people; and with different purposes, like correct posture, improve of bone mineral density

and of muscular strength during the postoperative period; and especially for low back pain in
any age. The method can be adapted to the necessary precautions of each population and
dysfunction, it has few contra-indications and progress with the patient. When applied, all the
Pilates principles have to been followed, and the majority of studies recommend that the session
last one hour, three times a week. CONCLUSION: Although need more research about this
theme with more sample, Pilates is a useful tool in rehabilitation.

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